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Party Favors:

Party favors are small mementos gifted to the party guests. It is a gesture of appreciation for coming to an occasion. They have to be such items that can be used in future by the guests and not intended to be kept as souvenirs. While celebrating events such has Christmas, people usually give out favors such as balloons, blowouts, crackers, party hats, chocolates and other small noise making items.

In case of occasions such a traditional themed weddings or anniversaries, birthday parties or festivities, visitors are given simple and economical party favors. They can either be in the form of toys, pen-set, photo frames, candles, wall hangings. Also, some host present their guests with gift bags which contains few favors such as candies, toys, thank you cards or other little gift items.

The culture of presenting the party favors was started in western countries, which later on passed to other nations as well. Also, some countries follow this concept of giving gifts to guests who attend

There are several collections of personalized and unique party favors available in different shapes, styles and themes. A box containing good luck items makes an ideal favor for any kind of parties such as New Year Party, Birthday celebration, engagement and wedding parties. It is an enjoyable way of expressing courtesy to the guests. An individual just has to take a gift box and place few items in it, which are considered as lucky. A lucky dice, laughing Buddha, lucky coin, silk flower, fortune predicting scroll are few of such items. Wrap the box with red stain ribbon and affix a complimentary tag over it.

Other unique favors are luggage tags. They are available in various shapes such as golf irons, cartoon forms, fishing lures and so on. Select a style which perfectly goes with theme. Write some personalized note on the sticker or tag. Host a birthday celebration by gifting invitees with stud poker motif.

Order poker chips with customized information and present it to invitees. It makes a great birthday party favor. For a party which celebrates achievements made in particular sports, simply buy gifts such as miniature soccer balls, soft balls, basket balls, cricket bat or baseballs. Inscribe guest’s names and party date on it. Little hats with ribbons make up good favors for popular women's club meetings.

Trinkets or charms that compliment the theme of a club's efforts form exclusive party favors. Other brilliant party favors are gifting wine bottles with personalized labels over it. Include celebration date and name of guest on label. It is bound to be an instant hit. Kitchen gadgets make ideal gifts for the bridal shower parties. Buy different or same types of gadgets, paste a label with similar party details over it and cover the label with transparent paper.
Guests can use the magnetic stickers being presented on their working desk or refrigerator. For corporate parties, include favors such as dining set, perfumes, tea set or other items that leaves great impression on guests.

Overview of the Party Favors:

Party favors were earlier only linked to weddings and showers and may be stated in the invitation.  But in modern days, they have a great role in other types of parties and events. Personalized party favors are preferably opted for a corporate party. Glass articles can be implemented in any theme. The costs of gifts vary as per the budget of the party host. A zodiac or crossword puzzles are inexpensive and can truly serve the purpose. A party favor serves as a small gift for the guests and so, it is not wise to spend a large budget on these favors. Decorative cups containing candy coated almonds and mints are less expensive options. 

A great and simple thing a person can do is, invest in blank CDs and then burn or write the best love songs and gift it to the guests. Invaluable party favors are brought out with relatively small cost by taking these steps. The party favors can stand out as precious mementos to the guests, if the creativity is put to use. The cute souvenirs and trinkets cost a very small amount, giving the guests, a memorable and joyous time at the party.

MR GQ is advertising director of Wedding websites. Wedding article writer for wedding planning

Wedding Vows:
His experience includes content writing for the Knott and other publications.
He may be reach for questions at webmaster@awebwedding.com

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The groom's traditional duties

Some of these may no longer be solely the groom's responsibility; for
instance, the modern bride will probably want to have a say in the honeymoon
plans and participate more actively in the toasts/speeches.

"Choose your wedding party" (best man and ushers).
Organize your family's part of the guest list.

Organize and pay for the marriage license.

Buy thank-you gifts for the best man and ushers

Organize the Bachelor Party

Make sure the best man has the checks, in envelopes, to be given to the

officiator, the musicians, and anyone else rendering a service to be paid for

immediately after the ceremony.

Get to the wedding ceremony on time.

In the receiving line, stand at your bride's left and accept congratulations graciously and with brevity.

Invitations Mail
out Watching the football games
The groom is usually the second person to propose a toast. After the master of
ceremonies has toasted the bride and groom, the groom rises, thanks the MC, and
then proposes a toast to his bride. He also responds to toasts to the bridal
couple. (For complete information on toasts, go to the Toast Points section.)
Cut the cake with your bride. (The groom usually holds the cake knife, with his
bride's hand poised on top of his.)

 Join your bride for the first dance, then dance with

various relations: first your mother-in-law, then your mother. (After that, as
you dance with the maid of honor, the best man should dance with the bride, and
the ushers should join in with the bridesmaids.)

MR GQ is advertising director of Wedding websites. Wedding article writer for wedding planning
Wedding Vows:
His experience includes content writing for the Knott and other publications.
He may be reach for questions at webmaster@awebwedding.com

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Wedding Vows:

No wedding is complete without wedding vows. Wedding is one of the most celebrated, most sacred and most important occasions. Wedding vows mark the blissful unity of woman and man with words of promise. They are the words of commitment that are an essence of the wedding ceremony. Most people believe that selection of wedding vows is the easiest part involved in the wedding occasion. Nevertheless, most couples come to realize about the importance of wedding vows on the day when they are meant to be taken.

Wedding vows are the expressions of the heart. The verses related to wedding vows are meaningful, unique and romantic. Most prospective couples normally decide on writing the vows on their own. Hence, while jotting down the words meant for vows, couples need to ensure that most of the content of the vows need to be interesting and pleasing for everyone. This would keep the wedding guests remain connected and attentive to the wedding ceremony. Since wedding vows are meant to be spoken from the heart, the words included in them indicate the reason as to why couples want to spend the rest of the life with their partners. Couples can either bring a copy of wedding vows with them or memorize them.

Some couples in the hope of preserving their vows, store their exclusive verses and keep a copy to frame it. Elegant wedding vows convey the essence of wedding in the truest sense.

Religious Wedding Vows:

Each religion supports the union of a woman and man tied together in a wonderful bond of marriage. Wedding ceremonies of religious tint are perfect occasions for the couples to assure their commitment to one another before God. Religious wedding vows offer faith and most couples feel that, getting married in the temple or the church gives a special meaning to their wedding vows.

The main focal points of the entire ceremony of religious marriage are the wedding vows. The tradition of wedding vows is different for different religions.

Some of the important religious wedding vows are mentioned below:

Muslim Wedding Vows: - Islamic wedding vows are mostly ceremonious in nature, wherein the bride has to give her assent to the marriage by saying yes thrice in front of the Qazi or the priest.

Christian Wedding Vows: - Christian wedding vows mostly reflect the couple’s mutual values. The importance of Christian wedding vows is observed in the orthodox wedding ceremony that usually occurs in the church. The process of betrothal mostly begins near the church entrance, wherein the bride stands to the left and the groom stands to the right. Then, the priest blesses thrice to the groom and the bride and provides lighted candles to them, which they need to hold till the service ends. These candles represent the love of god and the warmth of their faith. Even within Christianity, the manner in which wedding vows are administered by the priest to the couple does differ. However, the practice of the exchange of vows remains all the same within such traditions.

Simple Wedding Vows:
Simple wedding vows form the basics of marriage. Wedding vows set the tone in case of simple wedding. The vows exchanged by the couples remain unique to their relationship.

In simple wedding vows, the bridegroom and the bride either decide on the standard wedding vow at the ceremony. The couples that have a creative bent of mind try their hands on something different for the most special occasion of their life. In case, the couples are romantic in nature and want to embark on a unique wedding at their home towns, then they can go on for the option of exchanging the wedding vows with their beloved in the language of that area.

For instance, if the wedding ceremony occurs at a Hawaii beach, then they have the choice of exchanging their vows in a Hawaiian language. In some resorts and hotels in Hawaii, couples can exchange their wedding vows for a very nominal fee. The ceremony of administering of the vows would be solemnized in Hawaiian language by a Hawaiian priest.

On the whole, wedding vows are the special words of commitment and togetherness that each and every couple has to pledge once in their lives.

MR GQ is advertising director of Wedding websites. Wedding article writer for wedding planning
Wedding Vows:
His experience includes content writing for the Knott and other publications.
He may be reach for questions at webmaster@awebwedding.com

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To start with, you will need a completed guest list. The size of the guest
list will mainly depend on your budget. After you have estimated the number of
people you can afford to invite, each of you (and your family) can invite half
of that total to the wedding. You can make up a list of all your close friends
and family members who must positively be invited, and then make up another list
of all your other friends, associates, etc. If cutting is necessary, you can
start the hard decision with the second list of people.

Once you have a final guest list, you can make a decision on what invitation
components you would like, and what kind of wording you should use. With these
things in mind, you can go to a reputable stationer to order. Once you choose,
you should add about twenty-five or thirty extra to the total when ordering or
making your invitations and envelopes. The extras are for the unexpected,
last-minute guests, or possible mistakes that may be made when writing or
printing them up.
t's always a good idea to do things early so there will be less hassles as your
wedding day approaches. Sending your invitations out at least one or two months
before your wedding date will allow your friends and families ample time in
their busy schedules to keep that day marked on their calendars as especially
for you. This should also allow you enough time to receive responses from your
guest list and coordinate your arrangements with the church, wedding hall, caterers, or
whomever. The good thing about getting early refusals is that you should still
have enough time to immediately send invitations to anyone you may have cut from
your initial list because of budgeting.
        Therefore, make sure that if you are having your invitations printed and double
check the wording on all your invitations, allow the printers at least two or three
months before you wish to send them out. This is because printers take time to
fill your order (you may be last on their list!). Timeliness is also important
if you are creating your own invitation cards. Don't wait until the last minute
to make your own cards, envelopes, and then off to printing our invitation
For many people, traditional invitations are very important, but if you know
that your friends and family wouldn't mind a non-traditional invitation (perhaps
something more unique or personal) so long as they get something that gives them
the name, date, time and place, then by all means do as you wish. This is your
wedding after all!


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